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The aims and objectives of “Jan Kalyan Charitable Society” are listed below:

  • To undertake and carry out charitable, educational and socio-economic programs for the welfare and upliftment of people irrespective of caste and community.
  • To establish, promote, maintain, assist, finance and support institutions and undertaking that are intended to help poor, old, infirm individuals.
  • To help. Financially, poor and destitute individuals who are in need.
  • To finance public beneficial undertakings such as the establishment and maintenance of wells, tube-wells, tanks, water-reservoirs, planting and keeping of trees and constructions and repair of roads etc.
  • Hold De-addiction camps to educate people about HIV, AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, malaria/Filaria/Dengue, adverse effect of Alcoholism, Clean and green surroundings, environment, Global warming.
  • Hold De-addiction camps for alcoholics and drug addicts. To reach out to victims of domestic violence, rape, child abuse, child labour etc.
  • To promote the cause of education, particularly the study in arts, science including medical science, engineering, computers, dental education, physical training, literature, humanities etc
  • To enhance the concept of community by establishing institutions that operates for the welfare of the public and provides a meeting point for society useful activities and functions.
  • To publish books, pamphlets, periodicals and newspapers in punjab for the spread and advancement of education and culture.


The organization has a vision to transform the society especially the down trodden poor and needy persons to fulfill the needs and through the sincere service to society to make a happy world around them, the organization works with the intermixing of action with vision.


The organization has the mission to provide to the individuals from any background to fulfill these needs and their happy growth. The motto of organization is to provide happiness to all for all times of come.


We believe that the education system needs innovations that respond to the needs of children and redefine the role of teachers. You can help us in our mission in a variety of ways.

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To make each every child educated and welfare of humanity.

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